Obamacare Supporters To Moms: Sell Out Your Kids To Make Obamacare Work


Obamacare supporters are trying a new marketing strategy in an effort to save the failed law. They’re recruiting mothers to sell out their kids to make it work. AARP understands that without young, healthy Americans signing on in droves the whole thing will come crashing down. So they want moms to do their dirty work, according to the New York Times.

In one cheeky campaignAARP is urging mothers to send e-cards to their children reminding them to sign up. One e-card reads, “As a reward for signing up for health insurance, I’ll defriend you on Facebook.” Another group, Organizing for Action, is seeking to steer holiday conversations toward health care by encouraging parents to have “the talk” with their adult children. And a Colorado group is promoting an adfeaturing a hapless young man who calls his mother from the golf course: “Yo, Mom, do I got insurance?”

Recruiting enough young people is a major goal of the Obama administration because insurers need healthy customers to offset the cost of caring for those with expensive medical needs. (Read More)

They call it cheeky, I call it creepy. It’s as bad as the OFA push to ruin your holidays.

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