Obamacare Exchanges Are The Slums Of Health Insurance


The Washington Post has caught on to the fact that under Obamacare many people’s choices of doctors and hospitals will be quite limited. This is by design. The only way insurance companies will be able to keep rates from skyrocketing even higher (remember, Obamacare is mandating that they cover all sorts of things they didn’t have to cover before) is to limit the number of providers in their networks. This will result in what the Washington Post calls a “two tier system of insurance,” meaning the Obamacare exchanges will basically be the slums of the health insurance market.

The result, some argue, is a two-tiered system of health care: Many of the people who buy health plans on the exchanges have fewer hospitals and doctors to choose from than those with coverage through their employers.

A number of the nation’s top hospitals — including the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota,Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, and children’s hospitals in Seattle, Houston and St. Louis — are cut out of most plans sold on the exchange.

In most cases, the decision was about the cost of care. (Read More)

There is one caveat here – members of Congress and their aides will have far more choices than the rest of Americans will have under the exchanges. So they don’t have to worry about slumming. Heck, they even have a concierge service to help them choose between gold plated plans. No slumming for them!

There already was a “two-tiered” system with Medicaid vs. those with private insurance, as many physicians don’t accept Medicaid patients. The whole problem is only going to get worse as doctors worry about how much they’ll get paid with the Obamacare policies.

Oh, and don’t forget Obama’s promise that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Period.