Obamacare Exchange For Small Business Delayed Again


The small business owner who lost her employee health plan is going to have to wait a while to find a new plan under the Obamacare exchanges. The launch of the small business exchanged was delayed once, now they’re delaying it again, and it’s no small delay.

The Obama administration has shelved plans for small businesses to sign up for insurance policies using the troubled HealthCare.gov website and will instead encourage companies to sign up through an insurer, agent or broker, officials said Wednesday.

Small employers that get qualifying coverage for 2014 will still be able to apply for tax credits, by sending in applications any time before they file their taxes for the following year, the Obama administration said.

The federal government has struggled with many aspects of the HealthCare.gov website, which was originally designed to offer health-insurance coverage both for individuals and small businesses. The site serves people in 36 states that declined to run their own marketplaces. …

A Department of Health and Human Services official said Wednesday that small employers will be able to browse plan options on the site starting Dec. 1. But the administration doesn’t expect the site to be available for small businesses to buy their plans until November 2014, the official said. (Read More)

Senate Democrats are now calling for Obama to appoint a CEO to oversee the woeful website. How would you like that job?