Obama Using His Supporter Email List As A Money Maker


President Obama is hanging onto his massive email list of supporters so he can use it to rake in cash. According to Politico, he gave some voter data to the DNC, but he’ll be renting out the email list to OFA and other organizations. What a racket!

After nearly a year of discussion over the fate of reams of Obama campaign data, officials have decided to transfer some voter information to the Democratic National Committee, but to retain its email list and rent it out to Organizing for Action, party committees and other groups, a source familiar with the matter told POLITICO.

A senior Democratic operative said Obama campaign manager Jim Messina, who has retained a level of control over the remnants of that apparatus, began notifying the various party committees on Wednesday and say that Messina and others have “decided to transfer all data to the DNC. We will not put them in a separate corporation.” There had been discussion about housing the data in a new, separate entity, a prospect that has apparently been abandoned. […]

There is one significant exception to what’s being transferred to the DNC: an email list of small-dollar donors, volunteers and activists cultivated over the last election cycle by the Obama campaign. If that list was moved to the DNC, the operative said, then OFA and other non-political committees wouldn’t be able to access it because of federal regulations governing interactions between groups with different types of tax-exempt status, the operative said.

That email list is seen by some as the most valuable stream of data, and questions about future access to it had caused consternation throughout the year among some operatives who privately accused the president’s team of hoarding information.

The email list – “the big list of 20 million people,” according to the operative – had been leased to OFA, which has become the Obama-affiliated, tax-exempt group continuing to push for grassroots support for the president’s policy positions. The Obama campaign can now “loan or rent” the list to OFA, the party committees or any 2016 presidential campaigns, the operative familiar with the matter said. (Read More)