NLRB Gives Unions The OK To Pay People To Protest Walmart


Everyone is up in arms over Walmart and other retailers opening on Thanksgiving. (Don’t blame me, I don’t shop on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.) KMart actually started the trend years ago, but for some reason everyone loves to hate on Walmart, especially the unions. They’re paying people to protest the retail giant – how grassroots of them – with a green light from the National Labor Relations Board.

National Labor Relations Board lawyers okayed a major union’s practice of paying people to protest against Walmart in a legal memorandum earlier this month. The federal labor law enforcement agency said the practice of paying workers $50 apiece to join protests “did not constitute unlawful … coercion of employees.” […]

OUR Walmart, which presents itself as a group of disaffected Walmart workers, is identified as a subsidiary of UFCW in the memorandum. Along with another UFCW-backed group, Making Change at Walmart, UFCW has been orchestrating a series of public relations attacks against the retailer.

It is not clear how widespread the practice of offering the $50 gift cards was, although the memorandum says the card was advertised on the main OUR Walmart website.

Peter Schaumber, a former NLRB chairman who now works with pro-business groups, agreed the practice would not be illegal, “but really, what it says is that those people are out there protesting because they are getting paid.”

UFCW’s members mostly work for Walmart’s rivals. The union has tried for years to organize Walmart’s 1.3 million-member U.S. workforce with no success.

The groups are planning another wave of anti-Walmart strikes this week, highlighting the low pay of some employees. They claim they will have events at as many as 1,500 store locations across the country. …

Read the whole thing. You know what’s missing from these Walmart protests? Walmart employees. Hopefully they are wise enough to understand that the only thing the union wants out of them is a piece of their paychecks in the form of dues.

Oh, and with so many Americans saying they plan to spend less on Christmas shopping this year, the only thing these protests will do is make it worse. Who wants to walk through a mob of leftist protesters to go shopping?

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