New Media Meme: Yeah, So, Sometime Presidents Lie


It must have been torture over the past few weeks for the media to have to report on all of the Americans losing their health insurance after their hero spent the last three years promising that wouldn’t happen. So now they have to put it all into historical context for us, because, you know, sometimes presidents lie.

You can’t teach an old leftist new tricks, but they can adapt old tricks to cover new situations.

Old and Busted: Everyone lies about sex

New Hotness: Everyone lies about the most consequential legislation in a decade

At CNN — supposedly a neutral news reporting organization — an article now declares Of Course Presidents Lie, and adds this:

You might say lying is the verbal lubricant that keeps the Oval Office engine running.

This idiot divides lies into two categories, forgivable and unforgivable. The former are lies intended to “help people,” and the latter are lies intended to protect and extend political power.

Guess which category he claims Obama’s huge lies fall into? He doesn’t even consider the possibility that Obama may have lied to protect his political power.

And because Obama’s been telling a lot of lies, he goes further: Hey, the lies about what the NSA does are also in the category of “helping people,” because, you know, he’s so keen on anti-terrorism.

Read the whole thing, just don’t read it right before your Thanksgiving feast or you may lose your appetite.

The Pirate’s Cove has more on this from Politico, but in all fairness, at least they wondered if Obama’s egregious lies that personally effected so many people might be disastrous for his presidency. (Ya think?)

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