Millions Spent On Self-Improvement Classes For Gitmo Detainees


Detainees in Guantanamo Bay are being treated to 90 minute seminars on life skills such as nutrition, computers and typing. They can also sign up for classes in horticulture, watercolor painting and calligraphy. The class sizes are even kept smaller than most public school classrooms in the US with a maximum of 20 students per class. Of course, this is all courtesy of the US taxpayer. Details are now public due to a lawsuit filed by the last contractor that’s mad about losing the contract to another bidder. Hey who can blame them? It was worth millions.

As the fight plays out in Washington, detainees at Guantanamo can enroll in seminars lasting an hour to 90 minutes once or more every day. Class ratios are low, with no more than 20 prisoners allowed in a class.

In horticulture, detainees learn the “principles of horticulture 1& 2, basic landscape plants and landscape pruning practices,” records show.

A “life skills” seminar teaches prisoners, among other things, about computers and typing, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

A nutrition class instructs prisoners about the “principles of nutrition and scientific foundations of exercise and fitness,” records show.

Detainees, who also can learn English, appear to get something akin to report cards, too, though it’s unclear whether they see their grades.

The contractor must provide to the government a quarterly student evaluation report for each detainee enrolled in a seminar.

Contract officials also must supply supporting documentation such as tests, special projects and instructor recommendations. (Read More)

According to the article the contract is worth a whopping 5 million dollars.