Mark Halperin - Media Didn’t Scrutinize Obamacare Before Because… Romney

So Time Magazine finally got around to telling the American people about all of the major problems with Obamacare. They’re only about four years late, but hey, who’s counting?

Filling in for Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham asked Time‘s Mark Halperin what took them so long. He blamed their failure to do their jobs on Mitt Romney. I’m not kidding, Romney, the guy who wasn’t in the picture in 2009 and 2010 when this law was being rammed through.

INGRAHAM: That’s part of the issue, is it not? The President always seems to see things in terms of political solutions or political responses. So the response here is we have got to rebrand. We have got to sell it differently. We have to have a new ad, have to have the website have more colors, whatever it is. Isn’t it more of a branding problem? This is a technical problem. It’s a policy problem. It’s a substantive problem. It’s not just about whether Obama’s big legacy is intact or progressive ideas in the future are doing well. These are real concerns that were expressed frankly back in 2008, 2009, and into 2010. Forgive me, but I don’t think Time Magazine was doing cover stories on a lot of concerns that were raised back then that were routinely dismissed by many in the media, ideological, as just mean-spirited, turns out most of the Republican concerns about Obamacare were right.

HALPERIN: Laura, there is no doubt that the press failed to scrutinize this program at the time of passage and during the context of the president’s re-election. Any reporter who would argue otherwise would be putting their head in the sand. As we write in “Double Down,” the problem for the Republicans in the re-election context was you nominated, Republicans nominated Mitt Romney, a guy who was not very well positioned, to say the least, to make the case against Obamacare because he passed the healthcare plan in Massachusetts.

Mary Katherine Hamm asks “What is the point of you, Mark Halperin.” I guess the point of him is to sell books. Or to vet guys like Joe the Plumber, as Ace pointed out.

If only we had some kind of institution whose primary mission it was to scrutinize the claims of politicians, contact experts, and report the major facts about major new legislation to the public.

But alas, it seems we don’t.

Well, we did have people out here scrutinizing the claims of the politicians and reporting the major facts about legislation, but the politicians and the media said not to listen to any of us. President Obama has even said not to listen to bloggers and pundits. (Even though he just invited a group of liberal ones to the White House for a private chat.)

All of this bad Obamacare news has been known, for years. The media chose to ignore it, and now they’re making excuses, because it’s as bad as we predicted, and now they can’t ignore it. Pathetic.

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