How Can Dems Mandate Policy Renewals If State Insurance Commissioners Won’t Let Them?


Insurers in all 50 states have had to re-work all of the health insurance policies they sell to comply with Obamacare. Because of the many mandates of Obamacare they have had no choice but to send out cancellation notices to millions of Americans.

Now that the crap is hitting the fan, Democrats are in panic mode. President Obama, in an awkward press conference which he was late for, announced an administrative fix, saying he would allow companies to continue to sell the policies his signature legislation outlawed. Knowing this would be quite difficult, if not impossible for some of those companies, he was likely just trying to find someone to shift the blame to. So what if he worked with those insurance companies when this dreadful law was crafted? He throws everyone else under his bus? Just another day at the office for him.

But Democrats in the House and Senate want to take things a step further than what Obama has proposed. (But they won’t apologize.) They want to mandate that insurance companies continue to offer these policies. Seriously, the Democrats think they have the authority to force businesses to sell products that they outlawed.

But how is that going to work when state insurance commissioners are starting to say that they can’t even comply with Obama’s supposed fix, let alone a mandate?

Washington State has announced that it will not comply with the “fix” that President Obama unilaterally announced today. […]

[Wasington state Insurance Commissioner Mike] Kreidler is a Democrat. So is Arkansas’ insurance commissioner, who has also announced that his state will not comply with the president’s “fix.” (Read More)

Who will they blame this on? Those evil Democrat Insurance Commissioners?

What is becoming abundantly clear is that Obamacare is unraveling before our eyes. They can point fingers wherever they want, but the one thing that is clear to everyone is that this mess was written by, voted for, and signed into law by Democrats. It’s theirs, they own it.

Update: Just to clarify, insurers can’t just change their policies and their rates on a whim. They have to submit those policies to the state insurance commissions for approval. Obamacare doesn’t change that, as far as I know. It just adds another level of bureaucracy to deal with. Here in New York health insurance was already highly regulated and full of mandates, that’s why it was so much more expensive here than other states. Anyway, my point is that these companies can’t just send out letters rescinding the cancellations. To put all of those old policies back in place they will need state approval, which they may not get.