Hey, NYC Voters – Good Luck With That New Era Of Progessivism


On election night Mayor-elect Bill DeBlasio declared “Make no mistake. The people of New York have chosen a progressive path, and tonight we set forth on it together.” I’m sure a few of the voters realized they were going forth on a progressive path, but how many just were just sick of Michael Bloomberg, who many see as a Republican, and wondered why they haven’t been sticking with their preferred Democrat Party all along? As bad as Bloomberg was with his Big Nanny agenda, those who were unaware of where a progressive path would take them may be in for a rude awakening.

You’d think the era of the Guardian Angels, Fort Apache and rats on the West Side and bedbugs uptown would be the last things New Yorkers would want to revisit. But voting in lefty Bill de Blasio suggests otherwise.

A socialist from way out in left field — a political pilgrim to the Sandinistas’ Nicaragua, the Soviet Union and Castro’s Cuba — isn’t typically the sort of candidate who wins the mayor’s office in New York. [….]

Largely appealing to identity politics to win (his Italian name is of his own making and his African-American wife and children have been paraded as political props), the only thing that passed for a political plan from him was his vow to “tax the rich,” to end the policing that has made New York safe, and to expand welfare. [….]

Problem: These are ideas that have been tried before — in New York’s recent past. The rubble of the South Bronx, the crime waves Mick Jagger sang about, and the municipal bankruptcy from which Gerald Ford told New York to “drop dead” rather than rescue, were all the result of corruption and incompetence, which were reversed with the election of Rudy Giuliani in 1993. (Read More)

I feel bad for the New Yorkers who didn’t vote for this Marxist mess. I won’t have much pity for the majority who did when things start going south. They brought it on themselves.