Hey Girls, Let Obamacare Bring Out Your Inner Hussy!


Here’s the latest Obamacare ad campaign aimed at young Americans in Colorado. Lovely, isn’t it? It was produced by the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and Progress Now, no doubt with our tax dollars.


Obamacare has also spurred another ad campaign, in the private sector, for sugar daddies.

If the GOP is the party launching a war against women how is that the Democrat party, the party of Anthony Weiner, the party of Bob Filner and the party of Bill Clinton has, as its signature achievement of the last 5 years, a law that is such a gift to women that professional high-priced pimp sites find it an effective tool to persuade women to sell their bodies to satisfy the sexual proclivities of the rich and powerful in order to get healthcare? I mean Seriously?

This is what we’ve come to.