Federal Debt Rose $409 Billion In October


Despite record revenue coming into the federal government this year they still managed to rack up $409 billion in debt in the Month of October. CNS News did the math and that comes out to $3567 per US household, for one month, on top of the debt that’s already there.

The debt of the federal government, which is normally subject to a legal limit, jumped by $409 billion in the month of October, according to the U.S. Treasury.

That equals approximately $3,567 for each household in the United States, and is the second-largest one month jump in the debt in the history of the country.

In the continuing resolution deal sealed by President Barack Obama and the Republican congressional leadership last month, the legal limit on the federal debt was suspended until February 7 of next year. (Read More)

The national debt is now over $17,108,378,000,000, and that’s not counting unfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicare.