Democrats Want To Make Doctors Their Serfs


This is what our society has come to – politicians proposing that doctors become serfs of the state, and nary of a peep of opposition from the sheeple.

Consider the confession of a Democratic candidate running for the Virginia House of Delegates during the Great Falls Grange Debate on Nov. 1. According to reports, Kathleen Murphy, who lost the 34th District race to Republican incumbent Barbara Comstock, said she supported the idea of forcing doctors to accept Medicaid and Medicare patients against their will.

Yes, this is one Democrat running for a state office. But it’s foolish to think her comment isn’t in line with her party.

A few years ago Massachusetts Democrats were behind a bill in the state legislature that would strip doctors who didn’t accept Medicare, Medicaid and the state plan of their licenses to practice.

This isn’t a political molehill. If doctors can be forced to participate in a government payment system they don’t want to be in, then doctors are owned by government. Their education, labor and intellects will have been seized by the state. They are no longer free agents — they are serfs, the bondsmen of legislators who will sweat them like galley slaves.

Roughly a fourth of physicians across the country already don’t take Medicaid. About 10% to 12% don’t participate in Medicare. Here’s why: Government plans don’t pay well. (Read More)

In the mean time, the number of people on Medicaid is expanding thanks to Obamacare. How is that going to work out?