Creepy Dems Send Out ‘Cheat Sheet’ To Help Obamacare Supporters Ruin Thanksgiving


The DCCC has joined OFA in the quest to ruin your Thanksgiving. These people get creepier by the day.

Here’s the official email from the Democrat Party, trashing Americans who don’t agree with their policies.

Democrats 2014 (
1:28 PM


Karen —

Let’s face it: we all have a crazy Tea Party relative (or two) who just loves bashing President Obama — even on Thanksgiving.

If you’re worried that your Thanksgiving table will start looking like the set of Fox & Friends, we’ve got just the thing for you: the DCCC’s 2013 Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet!

Don’t worry about printing it out — we’ll text it directly to your phone so you’ll always have the facts and stats you need to go up against all the nastiest Republican sound bites:

Karen — Get your Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet here >>

Enjoy — and have a great Thanksgiving!

Democrats 2014

P.S. Don’t have a cell phone? We’ve still got you covered. Get your printable cheat sheet here >>

Nothing like intruding in on people’s holidays. What will they think of next?

Thankfully, no lefties will be at my dinner table on Thanksgiving. But if you find yourself sitting next to an Obamabot, the Washington Examiner has a handy little guide to rebutting them while keeping the peace.