Charlie Rangel Wants To Make Obama A Dictator


Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) wants to neuter Congress and let President Obama rule by executive order. In effect, he what he’s saying is that Obama should just rule as a dictator with absolutely no checks on his power. I’m sure he’ll be singing a different tune when a Republican takes back the White House.

Congressman Charlie Rangel has a solution for bypassing gridlock in Washington D.C.: executive orders for “everything.”

In an interview last night with NY1, the congressman praised Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s decision to push through the so-called “nuclear option” to end filibusters on most presidential nominees. But he lamented the fact the work-around could not be used for legislation, suggesting the president turn to the executive orders–like the kind used to end the deportation many people who’d entered the country illegally as children.

He also defended Obamacare, saying Obama shouldn’t have apologized. Instead, Rangel said Obama should have just said that there would be some “quirks.” As if millions of people losing their policies, increased premiums and identity theft are just a few little quirks.