Barack Obama And Harry Reid Aren’t Normal


President Obama applauded Senate Democrats for passing an unprecedented rule that essentially blocks the minority party’s ability to filibuster and block nominations. When the Democrats were in the minority they were squarely against what they call the nuclear option, but now they see that they could lose their majority in next year’s mid-term elections, and they know it’s important for Obama to stack the courts now with radical judges who will uphold their destructive laws.

Obama said that Republicans gumming up the works isn’t normal, and goes against what the Founders envisioned.

“You know, the founders designed this system, as frustrating as it is, to make sure that there’s a broad consensus before the country moves forward,” Sen. Obama said in April 2005.

But he has changed his policy in the face of growing public opposition to his agenda.

“If you’ve got a major of folks who believe in something, it should be able to pass,” Obama insisted Thursday.

“Today’s pattern of obstruction is not normal — it’s not what our founders envisioned — [but is] a deliberate effort to obstruct everything, just to refight the results of an election,” said Obama, whose poll rating have fallen this week to around 40 percent, far below his election-day score of 52 percent.

The obstruction “was simply because they opposed the policies that the American people voted for in the last election,” he claimed. (Read More)

Who does he think he’s fooling? The “majority of folks” didn’t want Obamacare to pass, and they did it anyway. He signed it anyway. The “majority of folks” didn’t even realize what they were voting for in 2012, or 2008 for that matter. And protecting the people from the tyranny of the majority is exactly what the Founders had in mind. If not, they wouldn’t have bothered creating a constitutional republic.

What isn’t normal is passing unpopular legislation on Christmas Eve. What isn’t normal is making sure the worst aspects of that horrible legislation are put off until after the next election. What isn’t normal is lying about the unemployment rate before an election. What isn’t normal is creating and signing a law that causes millions of people to lose their health insurance plans, while robbing many of their dignity. What isn’t normal is allowing felons to work in jobs that give them access to people’s personal data. What isn’t normal is launching a website you know is barely functional and not secure. What isn’t normal is millions of people dropping out of the work force. What isn’t normal is the number of Americans on food stamps. What isn’t normal is the $17 trillion national debt. What isn’t normal is wanting to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

I can’t think of much that’s happened in Washington, DC in the last five years that is normal. Unless of course, we’re talking about the “new normal,” which is about as far from the Founders’ vision as you can get.

Update: I almost forgot, there is nothing normal about that alleged pederast Harry Reid.