Yay Shutdown! Taxpayers Spared Expense Of Michelle Obama’s Fundraising


Let’s hear it for the shutdown! Taxpayers are being spared the expense of Michelle Obama’s fundraising travel out to California. At least for the time being.

Mrs. Obama was supposed to be in Los Angeles on Friday and then in San Francisco by Sunday. But a Democratic operative said the trips have been called off, The Hill reported. Part of the San Francisco trip would have put Mrs. Obama at a joint Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Most White House staffers have been sent on furlough in recent days — including those who book trips for President Obama and his wife, The Hill reported. (Read More)

Unfortunately, she will reschedule when the shutdown has ended. I’m thinking maybe they should make it permanent. Really, why can’t we do without 15% less government?

In other news, the Post Office has had to scrap all of their “Let’s Move” stamps because some of them depicted children in engaging in unsafe activities. One showed a child doing a cannonball into a pool and another doing a headstand with no helmet. Oh the horror!