What Are So Many Republicans So Afraid Of?


Svetlana Kunin, who lived in the Soviet Union until 1980 before escaping to the United States, has another column up at IBD. She wrote about the dissidents behind the Iron Curtain who miraculously won what many deemed a hopeless fight. I immediately thought of conservatives and those who identify with the tea party in the US today. While conservatives aren’t getting killed by the regime for dissent, they are marginalized, vilified and mocked. Much of the derision comes from those who are supposed to be allies. As it turns out, that was sort of the point of Kunin’s article. She wonders what the establishment Republicans are so afraid of.

Today, admirers of centralized government have the power. The modern Democratic Party is a party of socialist/social-engineers and militant bureaucrats. They are treating citizens like herds of people — units void of individualism.

As good old communists in the Soviet Union, Democrats insert government bureaucrats into every area of people’s life — between parents and school choice for their kids, between teachers and children, between patients and doctors, between the ill and life-saving procedures and medications, and between inventors and their ability to implement their inventions.

They distort the family’s role in nurturing and bringing up children. They control private enterprise through grants and regulations. They seek control over people through programs like ObamaCare.

Republicans who hurriedly criticize Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who resist such encroachments need to explain: What was the strategy and the endgame of Republicans who, during the George W. Bush administration, allowed a barrage of misleading accusations to go unanswered? Did they succeed against Democrat propaganda and misinformation?

In 2010 President Obama nominated Elena Kagan, who as Harvard Law School dean removed the U.S. constitutional law from the list of required subjects.

What was the strategy of Republican senators who joined Democrats and voted for her nomination to Supreme Court? Did they expect that at the end she would put the Constitution above her ideology?

Please be sure to read the whole thing, there is much more at the link, but here is the money quote:

President Obama is about to destroy the freedom of the American people to make their own choices in life. His transformation of America will affect all races, genders, sexual orientations and classes.

Political dancing around the corners, political correctness and archaic collegiality cannot push back a growing web of government bureaucrats. Soviet dissidents were facing life-threatening reprisals from the government. What are Republicans afraid of?

Ronald Reagan said: “Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid.”

About two years ago I was contacted by an elderly woman who was also an immigrant from the Soviet Union. We wrote to each other once or twice and spoke on the phone. Talking with her was one of the highlights of this blogging career of mine, if you want to call it that. She was so worried about what’s happening here in the US because she lived through it in the USSR and saw the writing on the wall. A member of her family contacted me not too long ago to tell me she died earlier this year. When she and I spoke I promised her that I would continue to try to spread the word about the dangers of communism, progressivism, socialism, or whatever you want to call it. I intend to keep that promise. She didn’t want her children and grandchildren to live in a socialist country, and neither do I. Disagreeing on tactics is one thing. Rolling over and giving in while deriding those who fight for individual liberty and freedom is another.