Video: People Blame Bush For Government Shutdown


blame bush

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph took to the streets of Washington, DC and asked people who they blamed more for the government shutdown – President Obama or former President Bush. A whole bunch of them blamed Bush, because he didn’t try to do all of the great stuff Obama’s trying to do. One person said “Obama, he just got here,” even though it’s been five years. There were a couple of sane people, but most were what you’d expect.

One guy holding a purse said it was because Bush didn’t do anything about health care, but as CNS News pointed out, it wasn’t that he didn’t try.

As for health care, which is at the heart of the shutdown, one respondent said that, if Bush had proposed some sort of health care reform, all of this could’ve been avoided.  Well, he did.  In fact, there’s a long history of Republican policy proposals to fix American health care.

The irony is that Bush’s 2007 health care proposal is actually “superior” to Obamacare concerning universal coverage. As Chris Conover of Forbes noted last August:

“[T]he Bush plan actually was superior to Obamacare when it comes to providing universal coverage. Remember, Obamacare actually does not provide universal coverage. The latest figures from CBO says that when it is fully implemented in 2016, Obamacare will cut the number of uninsured by only 45%, covering 89% of the non-elderly. Even if illegal immigrants are excluded, this percentage rises to only 92%. In contrast, the Bush plan (without a mandate!) would have cut the number of uninsured by 65%.”

Oh well, never mind. Facts are just so outdated.