Utopia Interrupted

Throughout history communists, socialists, progressives, or whatever you want to call them, have promised to bring about utopia for the masses. They might not use the word utopia, but you know how it goes. Remember the speech Obama delivered after winning the nomination in 2008? He promised to stop the rise of the oceans, and all sorts of other wonderful things. Yes we can! Utopia!

But as always, reality interrupts the utopian dream. Funny the way that works, the policies they put in place always make everything worse. Rather than putting an end to human misery, which unfortunately is not possible, they bring about more misery.

Utopia was interrupted for one Daily Kos blogger when he found out that his health insurance premiums are doubling. He sounds like one of those liberals who has just voted the party line and repeated the party talking points because his parents were liberal, or he feels some sort of guilt, or some other reason not grounded in reason or logic. But now reality has gotten in the way of his desire to help others by supporting left wing politicians. Is he waking up to the fact that they really don’t have his best interests at heart? Probably not, they always make excuses.

Utopia has been interrupted for millions of Americans trying to sign up for this “affordable” health insurance they’ve heard so much about. But then they go to the website, and get hung up somewhere. Maybe it’s the voter registration page, which I hear doesn’t give the option to say you’re already registered. What does voter registration have to do with purchasing health care? In reality, nothing, but in this new strange reality we live in the only way to reach utopia is to sign up more Democrat voters.

But what does rule by Democrat bring us? It’s been one failure after another. We’re getting farther and farther away from utopia, no matter how many times they declare victory over their political opponents.

Thanks to spending $1 trillion on a stimulus that never stimulated, and the ObamaCare government seizure of the health insurance industry, and the new Dodd-Frank hyper-regulatory regime, the U.S. economy now operates under a “new normal” in which the pain goes on and on.

Meanwhile, our president tells us to “remember, the deficit is getting smaller, not bigger. It’s going down faster than it has in the last 50 years” — down from a trillion dollars year after year under Obama, well more than three times the deficits under Reagan, and more than twice the size of almost all of each of the deficits under George W. Bush.

More importantly, as a percentage of GDP we’ve suffered budget deficits of 8%, 9% and 10% under Obama; under Bush they came in at 2% or 3%, and under Reagan they ranged from 3% to a high of 6% during the recession year of 1983.

Black Americans are enduring a once-again rising unemployment rate of 13%, from a peak of 16.5% two years ago. What solace do the 2.4 million blacks without a job get from being told by the president to “remember, the deficit is getting smaller”?

Has this win by the White House and its congressional allies lessened the unfolding nightmare of ObamaCare, as the health-premium sticker shock of the plan sinks the president’s popularity ratings and increasingly makes people ask themselves why they elected, then re-elected him?

Does the Democrats’ victory in the shutdown mean that after Obama’s years of dithering, Iran isn’t still on the verge of building a nuclear bomb? (Read More)

Oh well, in utopia the average person shouldn’t have to think about things like hostile regimes getting their hands on nuclear weapons. We’re supposed to put our complete trust in our leaders, leaders who bow to others.

In utopia everyone will see that transsexual boys are girls. But in reality, real girls are getting a little freaked out sharing school bathrooms with boys in skirts. Parents who complain are labeled “haters” no matter how they vote, because, you know, they’re interrupting someone else’s utopia. The words “that’s your problem” have no place in a utopian society.

Speaking of “that’s your problem” having no place in utopian society, as a conservative I will never agree that a single payer health care system is the way to go. It’s like signing onto and endorsing the utopian promise, while knowing full well it’s going to spread the misery rather than the wealth. Talk about utopia interrupted.

Here’s the thing, true conservatives don’t promise utopia. But conservative (or classical liberal if you prefer that term) policies, when put into place, offer the best chance for everyone to get ahead and live a better life. Unfortunately, in the current news and entertainment environment it’s getting more and more difficult for them to make the case. So instead we have a new normal of utopia interrupted.