Union Grocery Workers In Washington May Strike Over Obamacare


Union grocery workers in Washington are thinking about striking over Obamacare. They don’t really like how it’s all playing out. I wonder if these union workers are aware that their dues probably were spent helping to elect the people that rammed this disastrous law through in the dark of night.

Some 30,000 grocery store workers in the state of Washington could be walking picket lines as soon as next week, in what some say is a direct result of ObamaCare.

Big supermarket chains including Safeway, QFC, Albertsons and Fred Meyer are represented by Allied Employers in contract negotiations with the United Food and Commercial Workers and Teamsters. One of the employers’ new proposals is to provide healthcare only to employees who work 30 or more hours per week, a minimum requirement under ObamaCare.

“As with all employers, the Affordable Care Act will impact how we deliver health benefits to our employees,” said Allied chief negotiator Scott Powers.

It used to be that members who worked 16 hours per week were eligible for health insurance benefits. Union leaders are angry at the employers for following Obamacare. They don’t want their members to be subjected to it. Kind of like Congress.

Union leaders are not swayed by the argument that many of the part-time clerks would be eligible for inexpensive or even free health care coverage in the exchange. They say the exchange plans are a big step down in quality of coverage. (Read More)

I lost my tiny violin, so I guess I’ll just have to call a waaaaaaaambulance.

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