UN Busy Cooking Up Expensive ‘Sustainability’ Agenda


Hang on to your wallet. The folks at the United Nations have been busy cooking up a new “sustainability” agenda for the planet that they want to have in place by 2015. With President Obama in office, don’t expect much representation of your interests by the administration.

The United Nations is planning to create a sweeping new set of “sustainable development goals” for the planet that will likely require trillions of dollars of spending on poverty and the environment, a drastic reorganization of economic production and consumption — especially in rich countries — and even greater effort in the expensive war on climate change.

It’s an agenda that its prominent boosters have declared will make the next 15 years “some of the most transformative in human history,” although the exact nature of the goals themselves, and how they are to be achieved, is unclear.

In typical U.N. fashion, panels of high-profile international figures have offered up their views, task forces have been commissioned to come up with suggestions, hundreds of non-governmental organizations have been polled, and a 30-nation working group is holding sessions that will extend early into next year before offering more concrete suggestions to the U.N. General Assembly, where they will be further chewed over. (Read More)

No doubt the Obama administration will go along with this massive wealth transfer, despite the fact that they’re telling us that they can’t find $200 billion to avoid hitting the debt ceiling and going into default.