There’s Something Wrong When People Can’t Survive Without Getting 5 Bucks From Government


Free Beacon has a piece on the vastly expanding federal food stamp program. In the year 2000 it cost $17 billion per year, today it costs a whopping $78 billion. In addition to the benefits paid, some recruiters (yes, they have recruiters for food stamp recipients) even have quotas they need to fill. Here’s the spot-on quote from the piece:

Tanner notes the program is more successful in breeding dependence on government, which was apparent last weekend when the EBT system shutdown in several states, resulting in chaos.

“The left is correct when they talk about how small food stamp benefits are, about an average of $4.50 a day,” Tanner said. “And yet we’re told that people can’t survive without them.”

“There’s something wrong in our society when people can’t survive without getting five bucks from the government,” he said. (Read More)

He’s right, there’s something seriously wrong.