Supporter Who Illegally Funneled Hundreds Of Thousands To Reid Campaign Gets 2 Years


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) was the recipient of more than one hundred thousand dollars in illegal campaign contributions by his wealthy supporter Harvey Whittemore. Whittemore is going to the pokey for two years while Reid will continue to enjoy his position of power in Washington, DC. Isn’t it funny how these things work out?

Ex-Nevada power broker Harvey Whittemore admitted he was “arrogant and naive” but insisted “I’m not greedy” before a judge sentenced him Monday to two years in prison for funneling more than $130,000 in illegal campaign funds to Sen. Harry Reid’s re-election committee in 2007.

U.S. District Court Judge Larry Hicks also ordered Whittemore to pay $100,000 in fines for his three felony convictions and serve 100 hours community service upon his release from a yet-to-be determined prison that houses white-collar criminals.

The 61-year-old former lobbyist and wealthy developer is to surrender on his own to federal authorities on Jan. 31, 2014.

“These offenses go to the very heart of our electoral process,” Hicks said.

Prosecutors said Whittemore gave money to family members and employees in 2007 to make contributions he had promised to Reid while concealing himself as the true source to skirt campaign finance laws.

Reid has not been accused of any wrongdoing. He has said he was unaware of any potential problems with the money he received. (Read More)

Oh yes, Reid was totally unaware of any problems. Just like President Obama was unaware of the IRS going after tea party groups with a vengeance. And of course the incurious media will ignore this scandal.