Some People Have No Place In Polite Society


There are people out there who simply have no place in a polite society. Lucky for them, Al Gore invented the internet so they can team up to harass people who dare write about their crimes, or the crimes of their miserable friends. Sometimes they take it beyond harassment and actually sue the people who dare to expose the facts about their sordid past.

[Speedway Bomber Brett] Kimberlin’s progressive supporters have actually bragged online that anyone who writes about Kimberlin’s lawsuit against us might be sued, too. That’s right: Link my blog, quote my blog, and you could be added as a defendant in Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. Really.

He thinks he is the victim. His deranged admirers . . .

Stop for a moment and ponder that thought: Brett Kimberlin has admirers and supporters, who have done all they can to harass anyone who has tried to tell the truth about Brett Kimberlin.

Donald Douglas at American Power includes a photo of Melissa Brewer, whose twisted history I described Sunday. The point I was trying to make is that the same people who want to shut down Rush Limbaugh, the same people who target conservatives for online harassment, are the same kind of dishonest jackals who have no problem defending a dangerous creep like Brett Kimberlin. (Read More)

Do we even live in a polite society anymore? At times it may seem that way on the surface. But then you hear about teachers defending a fellow teacher who molested a student and harassed the child’s family. You hear about a young man beating an old man to death because he could, and bragging about it. You see welfare recipients raiding stores when they think they can get away with it, and threatening riots when they think they can’t. I myself have been viciously harassed and threatened for expressing my opinions and highlighting news articles that are unflattering to the left.

Imagine the media reaction if a conservative convicted felon and suspected child molester received significant amounts of funding from people like the Koch brothers or other high profile conservatives and/or libertarians. Imagine if that conservative felon went on to harass and sue anyone who brought up his crimes. I’ll bet it would be front page news. But when the left does it, it just gets ignored.

Oh well, maybe Kimberlin will sue me, and Da TechGuy, and Matt Ross, and any other bloggers who dare mention his name in public. Then again, maybe we can get hundreds of bloggers to write about him once again. He’ll be so busy filing lawsuits he won’t have much time for anything else. It would probably be worth contributing to the defense of the bloggers he’s already sued just to keep him tied up in court for a while. You’d probably be doing what remains of a polite society a favor.