So Much For Those Rose Garden Obamacare ‘Success Stories’



Yesterday’s Rose Garden speech by President Obama was a bit surreal, to say the least. There he stood, with his human props standing behind him, telling us that Obamacare is working just fine. Anyone paying attention knows Obamacare is not working just fine. Even those chosen to be his props aren’t exactly success stories, as he would have us believe.

For example, a Pennsylvania man named Malik Hassan was in the group, and this is the White House description of his situation, in full: “Malik Hassan works at a restaurant in Philadelphia. Hassan, who does not receive coverage through his employer, is looking forward to enrolling for health coverage this fall. He recently used to process his application and is waiting for the options for potential plans in Philadelphia.”

So, Hassan is employed, not covered, and has not yet succeeded in finding coverage throughObamacare. That is, in the White House’s estimation, an Obamacare success story.

Then there is Nathaniel Hojnacki, who recently finished his schooling. Here is the White House description of his situation, again in full: “Nathaniel Hojnacki recently received his Master’s degree at Johns Hopkins University SAIS and is in an employment situation without benefits. Hojnacki recognizes the importance of coverage and is planning to enroll after he explores his coverage options on the DC exchange.”

So, Hojnacki has a job, does not have coverage, and is planning to explore finding coverage through Obamacare. Another success story.

Read the whole thing, there is even more. Most of the people standing there are still “looking forward” to shopping for health insurance. So I guess success is now a relative term. Then again, this administration does use whatever definitions of words that suit them.

H/T Heritage