Politico Impressed By Obama’s ‘Resolve And Strength’ In Shutting Down Government



Politico continues to do the bidding of President Obama and the Democrats. This is getting so old.

“President Barack Obama started September in an agonizing, extended display of how little sway he had in Congress. He ended the month with a display of resolve and strength that could redefine his presidency,” say Politico writers Edward-Isaac Dovere and Reid J. Epstein. “All it took was a government shutdown.” …

To affirm the position that Obama’s showing strength by shutting down the governement, Politicoquotes Obama himself, White House spokesman Jay Carney, OMB deputy director Brian Deese, Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg, and Democratic strategist Jim Manley. All of the quotations in the story are in support of the president and all are from Democrats.

Indeed, one even uses Politico to tell the president to continue blaming Republicans. “Manley advised Obama to make sure people continue to see Boehner and the House Republicans as the problem and not rush into any more negotiations until public outrage forces them to bend,” writes Politico. (Read More)

They didn’t go to a single Republican for a quote in the story. Because, well, who needs to hear both sides of an issue? Who needs to hear that the Republicans were practically begging the Democrats to negotiate with them, and the Democrats slammed the door in their faces? Just let the media pick the winners and losers and call it a day.