Oops! After 4.5 Hours On Obamacare Call Center Man Still Can’t Sign Up



Here’s another Obamacare fail.

During his Rose Garden speech on Obamacare President Obama said that even though the website stinks people can still call the call center and sign up. He said it would only take about 25 minutes for an individual to call and get enrolled. Well, ABC News found a guy who would beg to differ. He spent a total of 4.5 hours on the phone, 1.5 of those hours were spent after Obama’s speech. He also spent 5 hours on the website and 3 hours on a live online chat. Unfortunately, he came up empty. But he’s trying, so people in the White House would probably still consider him to be a success story.

Yesterday Sean Hannity called the number, and the operator he spoke to said nobody who has called said they like it.