Oh My! Sheila Jackson Lee Wants ‘Martial Law’ To End Shutdown


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is a kooky, socialist Democrat who was suggested as a replacement for Janet Napolitano to head up the Department of Homeland Security. Recently she suggested that “martial law” be used to end the partial government shutdown.

As the Freedom Outpost noted, what Jackson Lee was referring is an obscure legislative maneuver that would fast track bills passed in the Senate through the House. It’s a way of getting around that pesky little constitutional problem of all spending bills originating in the House. The last time this was “threatened” was in 2008 when Hank Paulson was pushing through his massive TARP bailout.

As Darla points out, it is a means of dismissing the Constitutional process and the law in order to push whatever Congress wants, whether it is lawful or not. Sheila Jackson Lee is among the most lawless witches in Congress. She is among many socialists and communists on the House Oversight committee in the House of Representatives, and she is more than in favor of grabbing your guns and stealing your right to own them. Why should this surprise us that she would use such terminology? I’ll let the reader decide, but I have my own theories. (Read More)

H/T to Fox Nation and Expose the Media