Obama’s Debt Ceiling Scare Tactics now Targets Social Security


Because the Democrat playbook rule 1 is to use old people and/or children, they are now sounding the false alarm that if Republicans don’t cave on giving everything up to Democrats over the debt ceiling, that Social Security will collapse. Of course, the truth is that Social Security is collapsing because of the Democrat’s unwillingness to reform it and fix it – but no “news” outlet is gonna let that get in the way of a good propaganda campaign. Nope. It’s the Republican’s fault. The debt ceiling now has to be raised unconditionally because – Social Security.

Social Security Administration: Debt ceiling fight puts checks at risk

…The speaker’s comments marked the first time he linked standoffs over funding  the government and raising the debt ceiling. He previously described the fight  as centering on GOP demands to delay or dismantle parts of the Affordable Care  Act, colloquially known as Obamacare, in exchange for funding the  government.

Meanwhile, the Social Security Administration has begun warning the public  full benefits may not be forthcoming if the debt ceiling isn’t raised, The Wall  Street Journal reported Monday.

The agency is notifying beneficiaries that “unlike a federal shutdown which  has no impact on the payment of Social Security benefits, failure to raise the  debt ceiling puts Social Security benefits at risk,” a person familiar with the  agency directive told the Journal.

“Our employees started receiving questions from the public, so the agency  worked with Treasury to provide an answer they could use when asked about the  debt ceiling by the public,” a Social Security Administration spokesman  said.

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This scenario is completely false. First of all, default would only happen if the President wanted to default because monthly tax revenue could easily cover payments.

Rand Paul: It’s ‘irresponsible’ of Obama to talk about default

“I think it’s irresponsible of the president and his men to even talk about default. There’s no reason for us to default. We bring in $250 billion in taxes every month. Our interest payment is $20 billion. Tell me why we would ever default,” Paul said on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” “We have legislation called the Full Faith and Credit Act, and it tells the president you must pay the interest on the debt. So this is a game.”

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The Social Security program is running a deficit – mainly because of the great Obama “recovery” – but that deficit could still be easily covered without a debt ceiling raise. The total FY 2012 deficit was $47.8 billion. That again is total for the year and could, without question, be covered by the massive $250 billion MONTHLY revenue.

Social Security Ran $47.8B Deficit in FY 2012; Disabled Workers Hit New Record in December: 8,827,795

(CNSNews.com) – The Social Security program ran a $47.8 billion deficit in fiscal 2012 as the program brought in $725.429 billion in cash and paid $773.247 for benefits and overhead expenses, according to official data published by Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration also released new data revealing that the number of workers collecting disability benefits hit a record 8,827,795 in December–up from 8,805,353 in November.

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Thank goodness I’m not a real reporter for real news because I’d hate to not be able to report news information that real news reporters think isn’t news.