Obamacare Rewards Slackers


CNS News reminds us of some of the more perverse aspects of Obamacare. Many hard working Americans are seeing their premiums rise, so in effect they’re being punished for their achievements. At the same time, those who retire early can get their insurance for free by waiting until they’re eligible for Medicare and living off of tax free income in the mean time.

“Hey you RICH early retirees who are not on Medicare yet and are buying your own medical insurance!! The Affordable Care Act of 2010 (Obamacare) will give you TOTALLY FREE insurance coverage.  You must be rich enough to take advantage, so the poor and middle class are probably left out of this wonderful opportunity. The only criteria for eligibility for thousands of dollars of Obamacare health insurance subsidies is TAXABLE income in 2014 and later.  So just accept minimal TAXABLE income from your pension, (suspend your SSA for a while if necessary) and use Roth IRA money or cash savings, or loans to live on until you are eligible for Medicare.

“In my case, I am taking out an equity loan on my paid-off house to use for living expenses for the next 4 years, so I will have minimal taxable annual income (around $27K from a pension) and little other taxable income. Doing this in 2014 will allow me to be eligible for around $5,363 of Obamacare health insurance subsidy and the plan I am electing from my state insurance exchange is going to cost me $5,372.  My total medical insurance expense under Obamacare for the year will be $9!!!”

So for rich people, if they like their money they can keep it. Lucky them. There are also incentives for people to just quit working.

The Congressional Budget Office, which allowed supporters of Obamacare to hide its costs through gimmicks and dodges, admitted in 2010 “that Obamacare includes work disincentives likely to shrink the amount of labor used in the economy.” For example, it effectively creates a 35,618 percent marginal tax rate for one hypothetical 62-year-old whose income rises by $22, by triggering the sudden loss of $7,836 in government tax credits. (Read More)

That 62 year old can just quit or reduce his hours to part time so he doesn’t lose his Obamacare subsidy.

The Other McCain also covered this topic today.

It would be unfair to say that all such people are suffering from psychosomatic illness or are merely too weak-minded to overcome minor difficulties, but this whiny victimhood attitude — “Feel sorry for me, I’m sick!” — seems far more commonplace now than it was 20 or 30 years ago, and excuse me for suspecting that malingerers and hypochondriacs enthusiastically support ObamaCare.

Subsidizing weaklings and whiners, by providing them “free” health care at taxpayer expense? Not just “no” — hell, no.

Not even the most conservative Republican in Congress is going to say this, because they don’t want to sound “mean-spirited,” but frankly I think we need more mean-spiritedness in Washington. We need politicians who aren’t constantly flattering the idiots who vote for them, who don’t pander to lazy moochers who look at government as if it were Santa Claus giving them Christmas presents.

What we have now is a government of the moochers, by the moochers, for the moochers, with subsidies and free stuff for all.

Read the whole thing. Free stuff for all, except for the hard workers and high achievers with taxable income.

Wouldn’t it be nice if politicians started telling the truth? Mitt Romney came close when he thought he was at a private meeting, then he was pilloried for it. It didn’t play well with the uninformed and the moochers, who increasingly hold the fate of the rest of us in their hands. How scary is that?

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