Obama Economy: Poverty Is Up, Millions Of Young Workers Can’t Find Jobs


The Obama economy continues to limp along, and another study shows the impact it’s having on Americans. Poverty has increased in almost every state, and millions of young Americans are neither employed nor in school. It’s starting to look like a lost generation.

Almost 6 million young people are neither in school nor working, according to a study released Monday.

That’s almost 15 percent of those aged 16 to 24 who have neither desk nor job, according to The Opportunity Nation coalition, which wrote the report.

Other studies have shown that idle young adults are missing out on a window to build skills they will need later in life or use the knowledge they acquired in college. Without those experiences, they are less likely to command higher salaries and more likely to be an economic drain on their communities. …

But changing the dynamic is not going to be easy.

The coalition also finds that 49 states have seen an increase in the number of families living in poverty and 45 states have seen household median incomes fall in the last year. The dour report underscores the challenges young adults face now and foretell challenges they are likely to face as they get older. (Read More)

All of this poverty and unemployment and our political and business leaders want to open our borders to more unskilled workers, and grant amnesty to the ones who are already here. It’s insane.