Michelle Obama’s Garden Photo Ops Are Over For The Time Being



Michelle Obama’s “kitchen garden” is the latest casualty in the partial government shutdown. I guess all of those pictures we’ve seen of her working in the garden were just staged photo ops. Now that some non-essential White House staff have been furloughed, there’s nobody tending the garden but the squirrels.

While neither Republicans or Democrats are winning in the government shutdown, there is one group that’s having a field day: the White House squirrels.

The government shutdown coincided with the White House garden’s harvest season, and since much of the staff that tends to the garden has been furloughed the crop has gotten out of control.

The staff that were allowed to stay are only allowed to water the plants. Trimming, fertilizing, transplanting, mowing and harvesting are all off limits. (Read More)

It’s the end of the growing season. Why don’t Michelle Obama and her kids just go out there and harvest what’s already grown? It’s not like it’s a great big farm, it’s a garden. All they have to do is pick what’s there. If they’re too busy, they could call a local food pantry to come and get the fresh vegetables. Ah, but then they couldn’t blame those damned tea party republicans.

Oh well, at least the squirrels are happy.