LeMoyne History Professor Likens Civil War Era Pro-Slavery to Anti-Obamacare




The Syracuse Post Standard (I call it the Pravda Standard) published a disgusting bit of guest commentary by Douglas R. Egerton who is a Professor of History at LeMoyne College. LeMoyne is a private Jesuit university in Syracuse, NY. Professor Egerton weighed in on the current budget impasse that revolves around the monstrosity called Obamacare and formed a strange parallel with this political fight to that of slavery. Now while I, and I’m sure many of you, could find a relationship with an unconstitutional burdensome law to the concept of slavery, that is not the angle the good Professor took. Instead he likened the conservative Republicans fighting to halt Obamacare to the Congress members trying to fight Lincoln and his anti-slavery crusade.

…Northern moderates and conservatives labored to forge a grand bargain that would halt the tide of secession, and each proposal began with the incoming president bargaining away the key element of his triumphant party’s platform. Lincoln was having none of that. “Let there be no compromise on the question of extending slavery,” he advised a number of party members. “You judge from my speeches that I will be inflexible on the territorial question,” he lectured one critic. And he was. Lincoln believed that elections mattered, and that the votes of the majority must be heeded.

The crisis facing the young republic sounds eerily familiar today, as a small fraction of the modern Republican Party holds the national budget hostage unless the current president bargains away the Affordable Care Act, a key issue he twice placed before American voters, and which has been upheld by the Supreme Court. During the Secession Winter, as it came to be called, angry northern Democrats charged that Lincoln refused to negotiate. Barack Obama is today equally stubborn…

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Appalling is the correct word to describe this. The comparison of the fight to halt Obamacare to the fight to KEEP slavery is about as sophomorically laughable as one can become without getting an immediate ticket to a mandatory psychological evaluation. The fact this nonsensical analogy comes from a university Professor should make it a career ending event.

If one were being overly generous, it would be somewhat possible to tease out bits of plausible comparison – Obama is like Lincoln because Lincoln didn’t negotiate and Obama is not going to negotiate. That, as I stated above, is sophomoric however and fails to capture the true circumstance and the moral gravity of Lincoln’s conviction. How can a supposed learned individual compare the stance against the depravity of enslaving humans to the stance of being inflexible on a health insurance law named after you?

Well, as a trained medical professional, l can give an expert opinion – the Professor is crazy. He suffers from white guilt as can be clearly gleaned from his LeMoyne bio.

I became interested in history through my family and its troubled past.  My paternal grandmother was born in Tennessee in 1885, the daughter of  an elderly Confederate officer and slaveholder (and his second, much  younger, wife). When I was in high school, the series “Roots” was shown  on television, and my normally soft-spoken grandmother became furious  about the way in which the Old South was depicted. She assured me that  they–meaning the planter class–“were always kind to our people,” an  inadvertent admission that African American slaves were indeed human  property. I think that’s when I decided to write and teach about race  relations in the early American South.

Suddenly his psychosis becomes clear. His lifelong goal is to expunge the stain on his DNA.

The Syracuse Pravda Standard fully endorsed his kookiness which is no surprise to me. A Jesuit college pays him to be crazy and to teach crazy which is again no surprise to me.