John Kerry Claims Shutdown Is The Cause For Falling US Standing In The World



Good grief we really are living in Bizarro World. There’s an uproar overseas over the NSA spying on world leaders. 35 is the latest count, including allies like the Prime Minister of Germany and the President of Mexico. But pay no attention to any of that. John Kerry says that the reason for the fall of the United States’s standing in the world is the recent partial government shutdown.

Kerry, who has just returned from a trip to Europe, gave a speech Thursday afternoon to the Center for American Progress on “the importance of America’s leadership in the world.”

Despite the snowballing diplomatic controversy, he focused on the federal government shutdown, which he called “a self-inflicted wound.”

“I wanted to reflect on the damage that events like the one we’ve just been through can do to the esteem in which the United States is held in the world,” he said. “The shutdown, and the dysfunction, and the simplistic dialogue that came with it, didn’t impress anyone about the power of America’s example.”

“The simple fact is that the shutdown created temporary but real consequences in our ability to work with our partners and pursue our interests abroad,” he said. (Read More)

Here’s the video if you can stand it.