Jay Carney Admits Some May Lose Health Insurance Under Obamacare


Now that some in the media are actually doing their jobs, the White House has been forced to admit that yes, there will be some Americans who lose their health insurance policies under Obamacare. The admission came from White House spokesman Jay Carney.

The journalist Ed Henry asked, “The president, when he was trying to get the law passed, repeatedly said, if you currenly have health insurance you will be able to keep your plan. This morning David Axelrod was pressed on that point and said, the majority — the vast majority — will be able to keep their plans. He no longer works at the … White House. From the podium, will you admit that when president said, if you have a plan, you’ll get to keep it, that that was not true?”

After some throat clearing, Carney said, “So it’s true there are existing health care plans on the individual market that do not meet those minimum standards and therfore do not qualify for the Affordable Care Act.”

You can watch the video at The Weekly Standard. Carney went on to spew all of the sales pitch lines we’ve grown so accustomed to.