Is This A WaPo Editorial Or A Recycled Obama Speech?


I’m not sure if the editors of the Washington Post sat down and wrote this editorial or if they just recycled a speech by President Obama and changed a few words.

AMERICANS’ RESPECT for their Congress has, sad to say, diminished in recent years. But citizens still expect a minimal level of competence and responsibility: Pay the bills and try not to embarrass us in front of the world.

By those minimal standards, this Congress is failing. More specifically, the Republican leaders of the House of Representatives are failing. They should fulfill their basic duties to the American people or make way for legislators who will.

We don’t come to that view as rabid partisans. On many of the issues stalemating Washington, we find plenty of blame to go around. We’ve criticized President Obama’s reluctance to pursue entitlement reform. The last time the country reached the debt ceiling, we urged both sides to compromise on revenue and spending in the interest of long-term fiscal soundness.

William Teach thought of a few things they left out.

It fails to mention that the Democrat controlled Senate has failed to pass a budget since Obama took the oath of office. Didn’t they promise to pass a budgetthis year during the previous budget debt ceiling negotiations. All we’ve had are continuing resolutions since they refuse to put their budget priorities on the table.

Every budget Mr. Obama has placed on the table has been utterly shot down by the Democrat controlled Senate. Except for this year’s. Which was very late. As usual. And which Harry Reid simply tabled without a vote.

As for embarrassing us in front of the world, one only has to look to the recent Syria debacle. The best he could do was cobble together a coalition of…France. Which was backing away from getting involved. And it took Vladimir Putin to save Obama’s chestnuts. (Read More)

The guy just careens from crisis to crisis and pivots to jobs in between crises and golf outings. His party just refused to fund national parks, veterans and Washington, DC. The beloved Obamacare he’s putting everything on the line to save is an utter disaster. Yet WaPo says the Congress if failing, with no blame at all for the one who is still The One. If not for the media carrying his water perhaps he would have negotiated with Congress and avoided this slimdown which might just turn out to be a reminder that the government is too big.