Immigration Radicals Launching ‘Week Of Escalation’ To Pressure Republicans


These radicals never quit. Immigration activists are launching a “week of escalation” to pressure Republicans into passing an amnesty bill.

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Immigration activist groups have declared they will launch a “week of escalation” this week to pressure lawmakers in Congress with acts of civil disobedience to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year.

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According to Politico, pro-immigration reform groups will target House Republican leaders and over 20 Republicans they think are vulnerable on the issue. Their goal is to get a vote on immigration reform this year.

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Republican mega-donor Paul Singer has teamed up with George Soros to finance pro-comprehensive immigration reform groups like the Evangelical Immigration Table, which released a letter on Monday urging lawmakers to support a pathway to citizenship, and the National Immigration Forum, which will also be mobilizing support. …

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“You should expect to see more escalations and more… civil acts of disobedience,” Kica Matos, a spokeswoman for the coalition, told Politico. (Read More)

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Other groups, including ones started by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Nanny Michael Bloomberg, and George Soros, along with the Chamber of Commerce, plan on pressuring Republicans in Congress with a “fly in” on October 28 and 29. I’d like to put a fly in something. Too bad the millions of American citizens who can’t find jobs or have had their hours cut don’t have a few billion to throw around to harass lawmakers.

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