‘Imagining America’ An American Propaganda Machine


Imagine America

Glenn Beck discovered a couple of well funded left wing groups whose goal is to further the erosion of our culture, and rewrite history, in order to advance their socialist agenda. Oh, sorry, they call themselves progressives these days.

This group called “Imagining America” is affiliated with a number of colleges and universities, and receives funding from George Soros’s group the Tides Foundation. The plan is to promote their radical cause through arts, culture and entertainment, and to recreate American history. (They’re following Gramsci’s directions to a tee.)

Beck highlighted various individuals affiliated with the organizations, who he described as “the people that will be teaching and influencing your children” through “art and music and film and history books.”

Among the topics the individuals were caught on tape discussing was the fair redistribution of wealth and how “we’re funding the arts through the Cultural Development Fund, which is upwards of $20-some-odd million funding our cultural communities.”

Beck also said Imagining America was created by Bill Clinton, and that its membership now includes roughly 90 universities including Columbia University, Brown University, the University of Chicago, and more.

Many receive funds from the Soros-linked Tides Foundation, Beck added, in addition to various government grants.

“Several of the board members work closely with the government, what a surprise!” Beck remarked.  “…So we have the government, radicals, and the universities, and some of their affiliates are actually public officials. They actually hold conferences and presentations about how to re-author American history, and it’s [funded] by you.”

Read the whole thing at The Blaze. Beck played video of these people openly talking about their goals. It’s not like he put words in their mouths. He also interviewed Ted Cruz’s father, who fled communist Cuba and compares these groups to ministries of propaganda that every communist regime has employed throughout history. Not that we can expect our public schools, public and private universities, or news media to educate anyone about the rotten history of communism.