Here’s The Obamacare Price Chart Democrats Don’t Want You To See


Heritage put together this chart showing how much health insurance premiums will increase under Obamacare. While residents of a few states that already had outrageously high premiums might see a decrease, most Americans will see an increase.


And this doesn’t even include the deductibles! So, tell me again, how did Obamacare decrease the cost of health insurance?

Note that this is the non-group market, so it doesn’t pertain to those who are insured through their employer. I can tell you, here in New York, premiums have risen in the past two years for employers. We purchase our insurance through our family business, and the increase this year was so much that we went with a high deductible policy. I used that calculator that was put out there and found that my family would not have seen a savings if we scrapped the employer plan and went through the exchange. So much for Nancy Pelosi’s promise to make it easier for people to go into business for themselves, or pursue their dreams, or whatever she babbled about.

Rush Limbaugh – one of those people Obama says nobody should listen to – pointed out the problem with New York:

There’s one state where the prices are gonna go down, one state.  It’s New York.  That’s because the state and Obamacare mandates there are in place.  There’s a convoluted reason for it.  It’s temporary.  It’s gonna balloon everywhere.  But the increases are anywhere from 71 to a 100% in that age-group in many of the states. Government’s open again, folks! Government’s open so we can all just… I learned this from the Republican establishment.

We can just sit back now and wait for the government to collapse on its own.

Yep, it will collapse eventually. That’s what happens when you go from a constitutional republic to a banana republic.

H/T Michael A.