Harry Reid, Of All People, Lectures On Civility And Decorum


Reid Rants

Harry Reid called House Speaker John Boehner a coward. He routinely refers to Republicans as tea party anarchists and accuses them of exortion. Here’s a little montage of Reid’s rants, via ABC.

So it’s kind of odd that now he’s lecturing others on civility and decorum.

The Democratic honcho who spent the last several days ridiculing House Speaker John Boehner as a pawn of the Tea Party gave his own chamber a lecture on civility Friday.

Senate Majority Harry Reid, in an unusual aside in the midst of a tense debate over the budget impasse, took to the floor to remind lawmakers about the rules of decorum. Guidance like: Senators should not address each other by their first names, they should address each other in the third person … and so on.

“We all have to understand that these rules create a little bit of distance so senators are more likely to debate ideas and less likely to talk about personalities,” Reid said. “And if we do that, we maintain a more civil decorum as a result. So I bring this matter to the attention of senators because we’ve fallen out of this habit. It’s gotten worse the last month or so.” (Read More)

For the Democrats, civility means rolling over and giving in. They’re disgusting.

Update: How is this for civility? This is an email from the DCCC with the subject line “Enough of this crap.”

Ok, enough of this crap.

Yesterday, a blowhard Republican Congressman from Texas lashed out at a park ranger because the World War II memorial was closed.

Hey. NEWSFLASH: You caused the shutdown. You. Republicans. Boehner. Ted Cruz. The Tea Party.

This crew of right-wingers in Congress shut down the government because of Obamacare, plain and simple. Now, they have the nerve to attack innocent bystanders with political stunts. It’s shameless.

But we can’t just watch this happen. It’s up to us to call out every last Republican we can and make sure the American people know exactly who caused this mess.

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Thanks for having our back on this,

DCCC Rapid Response

Maybe Harry Reid should pay a visit to the DCCC and give them a lecture.