Feds Admitted Obamacare Exchange Sites Not Ready For Prime Time


For nearly a week we’ve heard story after story about the epic failure of the Obamacare exchange websites. And for nearly a week Obama administration officials were assuring us that the failure was really a spectacular success because so many people were showing interest. Well, they finally had to admit that maybe those websites just aren’t ready for prime time.

Six days into the launch of insurance marketplaces created by the new health-care law, the federal government acknowledged for the first time Sunday it needed to fix design and software problems that have kept customers from applying online for coverage.

The Obama administration said last week that an unanticipated surge of Web traffic caused most of the problems and was a sign of high demand by people seeking to buy coverage under the new law.

But federal officials said Sunday the online marketplace needed design changes, as well as more server capacity to improve efficiency on the federally run exchange that serves 36 states. (Read More)

They only had three years to get these things up and running.

It’s been so bad that even SNL felt compelled to mock this massive failure. But of course they had just as much derision for the GOP.

Oh, and CNN tried again and failed to sign up online. I’m sure they’re just praying that they can get past the glitches and report that everything is just marvelous.