Does Obama Want A Wall Street Meltdown?


It wasn’t just Granny and Grandpa President Obama threatened today. He also threatened the markets. It’s like he wants an epic Wall Street meltdown.

“Wall Street,” according to President Obama, “should be concerned” about the shutdown he just engineered. Why is the nation’s chief executive talking down the growth engine of the U.S. economy?

To hear the White House these days, you would think it wants an epic economic failure — or at the very least, market panic.

“When you have a situation in which a faction is willing to default on U.S. obligations, then we are in trouble,” the president said. Maybe so.

But it is, of course, Obama and his Democrat supporters in Congress who are the “faction” “willing to default” here. It is they who have steadfastly refused to deal with the opposition Republicans, opting for perpetual confrontation and chaos over negotiations and stability. This is what you see in tyrant-run dictatorships in the Third World, not in great nations such as the U.S. (Read More)

Also be sure to read Andrew Malcom’s piece about how Obama fosters division and conflict. Malcom reminds us how George W. Bush regularly worked with Democrats (much to many of our chagrin) even when Republicans controlled congress. When has Obama ever tried to foster a cordial relationship with the other side, let alone work with them? He loves crisis and chaos, it gives him a campaign platform. Campaigning is about all he’s good at.