Does Mitch McConnell Think Conservatives Are Traitors To The GOP?


Glenn Beck was told by an unnamed source that Mitch McConnell insinuated in a closed-door meeting that any Republican senator aligned with Freedom Works or the Senate Conservatives is a traitor to the GOP and the Senate. Of course, McConnell denies the allegation.


  •  On Tuesday, Glenn Beck said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell insinuated during a closed-door meeting of Republican senators that anyone who supports FreedomWorks or the Senate Conservatives Fund is a traitor to the party.
  • Beck said his source is not someone he would describe as “on our side,” but someone who was present in the meeting who was “disgusted” by what they saw.
  • Beck said a second senator also attacked FreedomWorks and the Senate Conservatives Fund, and that he hopes to have that person’s name by the end of the day.
  • Beck repeated that it is time to “defund the GOP,” and urged his listeners not to give “another dime” to the Republican Party.
  • A spokesman for Senator Mitch McConnell told TheBlaze: “The anonymous claim is false. He neither said nor insinuated that.”

There’s much more at the link, including a response from the Senate Conservatives.

Here’s the problem with the Republican Party – there are a lot of good people in the party, and we should support those people. But there too many of these entrenched politicians that care more about their own power than anything else. They have to go.