Dennis Miller’s Business Advice – Fire Obama Voters First


Dennis Miller suggested that employers who have to lay people off or cut hours thanks to Obamacare should fire the Obama voter first. Sounds like a great idea to me, they voted for it. Let them be the first to suffer the consequences.

Fire a believer. They will understand. Just say we’re all in this together. This is what you wanted. We’re all in this together. I have to let you go. At least you’ll have health care in the single payer. . . .

Who else would you fire? Go out into the parking lot. If somebody has to be cut to 29 hours, if somebody has to be fired, you know how proud they are. . . clock who they are, as you have to fire people, call those people into the office. No, somebody who doesn’t believe in it. . . Look them in the eyes and say, no, this is your thing, I can’t afford you anymore, so at least you know I’m doing the right thing.

Who else would you fire?

H/T Maggie’s Notebook