Democrats Want Smokers To Die Quickly


Who can forget when that crazy loon from Florida Alan Grayson stood on the House floor and said the Republicans’ health care plan was for Americans to “die quickly.” Well, it looks like Grayson was projecting, at least when it comes to about 20% of the population.

This dreadful Obamacare beast of a law the Democrats created will price many smokers, mostly those who are poor and middle class, out of health insurance. People without health insurance are less likely to seek treatment for what ails them. So it’s only logical to conclude that the Democrats who rammed this law through want poor smokers to die quickly.

With the Affordable Care Act enrollment now underway, Wisconsin’s anti-smoking advocates are concerned that higher health insurance premiums for smokers will convince many tobacco users that they can’t afford to sign up for insurance through the online federal exchange. The result could mean those same people who need access to health insurance most won’t get it.

People who use Medicaid for health care coverage or those who are uninsured smoke at higher rates than the rest of the population, and both groups are expected to use the federal exchange to shop for insurance coverage….

According to the non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation’s calculator, someone who is a nonsmoker making $30,000 would pay a premium of $2,535 per year for a silver plan under Obamacare. A tax credit of $24 would make the final premium $2,512 per year.

Being a smoker could add $1,268 in this scenario, for a total of about $3,780…. (Read More)

I wonder why they don’t go after obese people with the same bloodlust they reserve for smokers.* They have high annual health care costs, too. It’s actually more expensive to be obese than it is to smoke. But over a lifetime, neither smokers nor the obese have higher health costs than thin non-smokers because they don’t live as long. So again, the only conclusion one can draw is that Democrats hate smokers and want them to die quickly. But thanks to government incompetence and the “smoker glitch” smokers can puff away for another year or so before the penalties kick in.

*They aren’t vehemently going after the obese yet, but anyone paying attention to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign knows it’s just a matter of time. Now that the central planners have bestowed on us the right to health care, expect to lose your right to live what they deem to be an unhealthy lifestyle.

H/T Charles B