Consumer Reports Tells Readers To Stay Away From Obamacare Site


The Obamacare website,, does not have the stamp of approval from Consumer Reports. In fact, in fact, the consumer news outlet is warning readers to stay away from it.

Consumer Reports, which publishes reviews of consumer products and services,advised its readers to avoid the federal health-care exchange “for at least another month if you can.” “Hopefully that will be long enough for its software vendors to clean up the mess they’ve made,” the magazine said, having tested the site themselves over the course of the past three weeks.

Noting that only 271,000 of the 9.47 million people who tried signing up in the first week managed to create an account, Consumer Reports then provided a few tips to those attempting to slog through the application process. From attempting successive logins because “error messages . . . may not always match reality” to checking one’s inbox frequently because missing an e-mail a user will be timed out of the site and forced to start from square one, none of the suggestions guaranteed success.

The magazine has also released a string of scathing reviews.  (Read More)

President Obama suggested people phone the call center to sign up, but that’s not working out so well either. Even if people can get through, the insurance companies are still unable to connect with the exchanges, so expect there to be a backlog for quite a while.