Amnesty Loving GOP Rep Says Boehner Will Hold Vote On Immigration In Next Month


There’s no rest for the weary.

Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA), a Republican member of the House who supports comprehensive immigration reform, said on Sunday’s Univision Al Punto show that House Speaker John Boehner promised him there would be immigration votes in the House of Representatives soon.

Politico reported that according to an English-language translation of the interview where Denham spoke in Spanish, he said House GOP leadership has promised him that there would be more immigration hearings and floor time for immigration legislation some time in “the next month or so.”

“I’m confident he’s going to bring it to the floor,” Denham said, according to the Politicostory, making a reference to Boehner. “But we’re going to continue to make sure that the entire country focuses on this, and that we actually get more Republicans that are willing to take a stand and get out there.”

Denham has also decided to publicly endorse the House Democrats’ immigration bill, introduced by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and others. At a press conference where she and the House Democrats introduced the legislation, Pelosi said the intent of the bill is to get to a conference committee with the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” bill.

Read the whole thing. A vote in the next months isn’t exactly a done deal, but apparently it could happen. The big “fly in” backed by Soros and including a bunch of business groups who have been busy laying Americans off is set to happen this week.

You know what that means. Get on the phone.