A Few Republicans We Can Do Without


Nothing like the “moderate” Republicans to join the rotten Democrats in condemning the conservatives who stand on principle. Democrats ALWAYS stand on their leftist progressive principles and we don’t hear “moderate” Democrats hammering them for it, even on the rare occasion that a Democrat doesn’t vote with the party. But here we have guys like John McCain in the Senate who go out of their way to bash conservative Republicans while bending over backwards to bow in defeat to the Dems. Peter King in the House appears to want to be the next “maverick” of the party, as if we needed another one.

This is what happened today when our side lost, yet again, but at least they put up a fight:

The message from Boehner and majority leader Eric Cantor was unity, with warnings not to point fingers of blame.

“Everyone in this room ran on the Republican ticket,” Cantor told colleagues.

“We all agree Obamacare is an abomination. We all agree taxes are too high. We all agree spending is too high. We all agree Washington is getting in the way of job growth. We all agree we have a real debt crisis that will cripple future generations. We all agree on these fundamental conservative principles. . . . We must not confuse tactics with principles. The differences between us are dwarfed by the differences we have with the Democratic party, and we can do more for the American people united,” he told them.

Conservatives left the room and stuck to the script. But not those “moderates” so beloved by the media and the Democrats.

Walking out of the meeting to the throng of reporters, the conservatives kept to that script, but the moderates drew their knives out for the Right.

Representative Peter King of New York urged more Republican officials to speak up about Senator Ted Cruz and “condemn him for what he did.”

Representative Aaron Schock of Illinois said the lesson of the episode was that Boehner should cut out the far-right flank and work with centrist Democrats.

Schock may as well have said that we should just throw our hands in the air and watch what was once the last best hope on earth sink into a socialist hell.

Why don’t King, Schock, McCain and the rest of them just drop the pretense and officially team up with centrist Democrats by switching parties? It would be the honest thing to do.