You May Want To Think Twice Before Covering A Roof With Solar Panels

If you’re a business or home owner considering installing solar panels all over a roof you might want to know what you’re getting into. If you ever have a fire, the solar panels could squash any hopes of saving the building. Solar panels are dangerous to firefighters because even when a circuit is off the panels still generate electricity. Therefore, the firefighters can’t cut through the roof like they normally would to extinguish the fire. One business owner found out the hard way.

Panels and wiring stay energized even when panel breakers are open, Reuters notes, so a panel poses a risk even when a circuit is ostensibly turned off. And if firefighters need to make holes in the roof, panels can impede fire crews in fighting a fire. A case in point, reports Reuters: “In Delanco, New Jersey, volunteer fire crews rushed to a burning meat warehouse on Sunday and discovered the roof was covered in solar panels, forcing firefighters to change tactics. It took 29 hours to put out the flames at the Dietz & Watson warehouse, which was left gutted and smoldering in ruins.” Deputy Fire Chief Robert Hubler said, “Do I think we’d have had a different outcome if we could get on the roof? Sure.” (Read More)

What is it with all of this “green” technology and fires?

H/T iOTW and American Thinker